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More Information About Chain of Responsibility

Under the CoR legislation any person or organisation with control or influence in the transport chain has legal responsibilities to ensure compliance with all relevant heavy vehicle road laws.

Chain Of Responsibility Course Requirements

Under the new national laws, everyone in the supply chain must take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent driver fatigue and ensure a driver does not drive a heavy vehicle impaired by fatigue - an approach consistent with Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) laws.

Who Is Responsible?

The new National Transport Commission Legislation is clear. All parties in the supply chain who manage or influence elements of the supply chain, have responsibilities to prevent driver fatigue and ensure drivers can comply with the legal work/rest hours. If your actions, inactions or demands cause or contribute to road safety breaches then you can be legally accountable. Authorities will investigate the supply chain and up and down the corporate chain of command. The days of ‘all care and no responsibility’ are over.

Who Are The Parties In The Supply Chain?

Everyone in the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ includes but is not limited to:

  • Consignors
  • Packers
  • Loaders/Unloaders
  • Drivers
  • Schedulers
  • Operators
  • Receivers

Everyone in the ‘Corporate Chain of Command’ includes but is not limited to:

  • Coworkers
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • CEO


Chain of Responsibility training is one of the first and most important steps to take to ensure you or your company isn’t liable under the CoR and OH&S Legislation. If you’re a Consignor or Receiver, a Packer, or Loader/Unloader, a Scheduler or Operator, or a Driver, you are part of the Chain of Responsibility and you or your company could be fined!

But you can’t get away with just any old training with a couple of Power Point Slides and some pictures! The logistics industry has made it very clear what is the benchmark for COR related training: The nationally recognised units of competency courses released in 2012 by the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC). These courses set the standard for Chain of Responsibility training in Australia.

They can only be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and on completion participants receive an official Statement of Attainment, which indicates they’ve satisfactorily completed the accredited course and assessments. CORAustralia prides itself in delivering the very best quality, most comprehensive, and useful-to-the-company training courses in Australia. There are very few RTO’s that actually train these courses at all, and some that do are really just “token” courses which provide very little useful value to the participants and the Company paying for them.

We also do provide short introduction/awareness courses, because we know that some companies want all their staff to be informed, but they don’t need them to do the full RTO courses, with the associated assessment requirements. For these courses, we don’t issue a Statement of Attainment, instead we issue a Certificate of Completion.

The table below outlines all the COR courses we offer. Click on the links in the Right Column for more information on each one.

Target Staff Course Name Course Description Nationally Recognised Training Price Delivery More Info
General staff Introduction to COR

Simple 30 minute introduction to Chain of Responsibility principles

No $35*(Online)
More info
General staff Basic COR Level 1

Full content of the nationally recognised course (TLIF2092A) but only a short quiz based assessment. This is not sufficient for us to issue a Statement of Attainment, so we only supply a Certificate of Completion.

No $69*(Online)
More info
General staff TLIF2092A COR Level 1 (nationally recognised)

Full, official nationally recognised course as outlined in the Unit of Competency TLIF2092A - teaches skills & knowledge required to identify, apply & follow CoR Regulations that are applicable to the individual’s job role.

Yes $139*(Online)
$395*(Remote Classroom)
Face-to-face***(+ Practical Assessment)
Remote Classroom
More info
Supervisors and Line Managers Implement CoR Regulations - TLIF3093A (We call this Level 2)

This unit relates to implementing Chain of Responsibility regulations. It includes identifying and interpreting relevant regulations; and reviewing operations in line with Chain of Responsibility regulations. Participants actively work through how to implement their documents, policies and procedures.***

Yes $950*(Face-to-face)
$850*(Face-to-face Fast Track)
$1,250*(Premium 1-on-1 Fast Track)
$750*(Distance learning)
$750*(Remote Classroom)
Face-to-face***(5 hours + assessments after session)
Fast Track & Premium 1-on-1 Fast Track
(7 hours including assessments)

Distance learning
(approx. 7-8 hours including assessments)

Remote Classroom
(approx. 7-8 hours including assessments)

(approx. 3 hours including assessments)
More info
Senior Management / CEO’s / Board Directors Ensure compliance with CoR - TLIF4094A (We call this Level 3)

This unit relates to ensuring workplace compliance with Chain of Responsibility Legislation. It includes the ability to identify the requirements, undertake the appropriate activity and monitor and review procedures. Participants receive a comprehensive manual of over 50 generic policies and procedure documents, and practically work through this resource in addition to the training. You will walk away with a complete ready-to-implement system of compliance.***

Yes $1,250*(Face-to-face)
$1,150*(Face-to- Fast Track)
$1,500*(Premium 1-on-1 Fast Track)
$950*(Distance learning)
$1,150*(Remote Classroom)
Face-to-face***(5 hours + assessments after session)
Fast Track & Premium 1-on-1 Fast Track
(8 hours including assessments)

Distance learning
(approx. 8-9 hours including assessments)
Remote Classroom
(approx. 7-8 hours including assessments)
(approx. 3 hours including assessments)
More info

* Corporate Discounts available

** Face-to-face prices are for Brisbane-based sessions and include assessments completed online after the training session.

*** This unit is available as a compressed Fast Track Program where training and assessments are completed in a 1-day session. You can also book a Premium 1-on-1 Fast Track Program with a Trainer where the Trainer can tailor the focus of the training to your specific business needs.

Please contact us for pricing for non-Brisbane based sessions, sessions delivered onsite at your organisation or sessions that include completion of assessments during the training session.

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Other Courses

Other courses that can be relevant for trainees who need to do Chain of Responsibility training can include the Construction Safety Induction Course also known as the “White Card”, the “Basic Fatigue Management” Course, also known as BFM and the  Loading-Unloading Course.

You can also view our latest Chain of Responsibility News and further updates here.

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